‘Tis the Season…To Gift Yourself?

Apparently it’s the year of giving gifts to ‘me.’ Something I have always done, but never openly admitted.

This holiday season, there’s a clear messaging trend – companies letting us know that it’s ok to gift ourselves. To buy a little something for us AND our loved ones. Or, maybe just yourself.

The National Retail Federation reinforces it – reporting that self-gifting is expected to hit a 10-year high this year.

According to Brad Tuttle with Time, apparently Gen Xers are big on the idea too.

The insight? First, the knowledge that shoppers were doing it anyway. And second, that making consumers feel ok, even good about it, might just sell a few more items (whether consumer confidence is truly up or not).

Don’t deny it…you were out on Black Friday and snagged enough for you and the kids for Christmas, plus a few extra “Thank you for being awesome” gifts too.

Personally, being told it’s ok never hampered me before, but now I feel even better.


– Erin Watson, VP Marketing & Communications


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